Big Ten Volleyball Midseason Report

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The Big Ten Volleyball season is now past its halfway point and it’s safe to say that the conference may be the best in the nation. Six teams are ranked in the current Coaches’ Poll (Nebraska, Illinois, Penn State, Purdue, Michigan State and Michigan). No conference has more teams in the rankings. Statistically the teams of the B1G rank towards the top in several major categories amongst the nation’s squads.
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Occupy the NBA?

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The word “occupy” has taken on new context in the past few weeks. The meaning of the word itself has not changed, but rather the mental image that comes to mind when a person hears or reads it. Whereas it simply used to mean that a structure had persons using it for a specific purpose, now the word invokes visions of protesters, signs, tents and in some cities, police. The movement has spread across the nation from Wall Street into many different venues. I would like to suggest one that thus far the movement has not descended upon though, and that is the National Basketball Association.
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