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Iowa Leaning Toward RomneyAug 29, 8pm

According to examiner.

Verum's Interview with Raj PatelJan 20, 5pm

On the eve of the November 8th city council election, Raj Patel and his family hosted a large gathering at Takanami for friends and supporters.

Republican's Tuesday Night Fights in VegasOct 20, 2pm

With Herman Cain tied with Mitt Romney in some polls, Tuesday’s debate promised to about differing policies rather than attempts by third tier candidates to get some attention.

Will Congress Pass the Jobs Bill?Sep 18, 5am

With 2012 elections looming just around the corner, tensions couldn’t be higher in Washington.

Mitt Perry vs. Rick RomneySep 13, 4pm

After placing sixth and seventh in the Iowa straw poll, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have dominated the Republican field of Presidential candidates.

Tea Party Express Rolls Through IowaAug 31, 12pm

Conservatives around Iowa are awaiting the arrival of the Tea Party Express, which is scheduled to make stops in Sioux City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport, Iowa during the group’s national bus tour on August 31, and September 1.

Organizers Plan a "DC Occupation"Aug 19, 5pm

A loose coalition of community organizers, peace activists, and supporting organizations have called on volunteers to join them October 6, 2011, for an “occupation” of Freedom Plaza in Washington D.

Photo Finish at Ames Straw PollAug 14, 7pm

The sixth Iowa Straw Poll took place Saturday at the Hilton Coliseum located on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.
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