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Apple Launches Larger Memory iPad Feb 6, 8am

Apple recently announced the launch of the new double memory iPad.

Microsoft Surface Pro Launched on Retailers Feb 4, 4am

The new Microsoft Surface Pro has finally made its way to Best Buy.

Facebook Adds an Old MySpace FeatureFeb 2, 9pm

Facebook is trying out another new feature, but this time it is familiar than ever and would send people into a stream of nostalgia as Facebook adds a “mood” option similar to the one MySpace had.

Twitter and the Washington Post Join the List of Companies Hacked by the Chinese GovernmentFeb 2, 5pm

Twitter is the most recent company to join the list of those acknowledging that their computers have been recently hacked by the Chinese government.

Pacific Rim not a Portal movie, but Portal fans may still be happyDec 25, 7am

Warner Brothers released on Youtube the trailer for Guilliermo del Toro's Pacific Rim last week, and critics could only talk about one thing: Portal.

Steve Jobs Book Sales SoarOct 10, 4pm

Interest in former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ life and work has soared after his death last week at the age of 56.

Don't Choose A "Strong" PasswordSep 2, 1pm

Everywhere where you create a password these days, they ask you to make sure to include letters, numbers, and capital letters in some sort of variation to make a supposedly strong password.

Can Google TV Survive?Aug 30, 2pm

Since October 2011, Google TV has been available in the United States.

Patents Are Bad For The EconomyAug 22, 7am

A patent is a set of rights guaranteeing an inventor the exclusive right to develop their own invention for a limited period of time.
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