Iowa City to "Stir, Burn and Cover"

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
Iowa City has begun to stir up the flames in the landfill that has been burning for over a week, and now they have a new theory. Now, they will start to cover things up in the landfill in hopes of putting down the fire.

Over a week ago, the Iowa City landfill caught fire, due to circumstances unknown. The fire spread quickly and became very hot, even burning the lining of the landfill. It spread dangerous smoke to the residential areas nearby, causing many health warnings.

The rain did not put the fire out, but the city is finally able to do something in an effort to put the fire down that has been literally out of control for so long. A "stir, burn and cover" approach will be initiated in hopes of finally extinguishing the massive fire.

Iowa City will bring in two outside contractors to start on the process using heavy machinery to stir everything around and clay soil to apply to the fire. The stirring was already decided upon, but the clay has been a new addition to the plan.

The fire has begun to produce a petroleum-based runoff as the tires around the landfill burn. This is being contained as well in the landfill until better disposal plans are established.

Stirring everything up in the landfill will make more smoke go to the residential areas, and warnings have been issued about the smoke that will happen. The process will cost the city $100,000 and will take about a week of very long days to finally get the fire out.
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