Iowa Native Makes It to Day Two of Jeopardy!

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
The Jeopardy! show that aired on this past Wednesday brought quite a bit of excitement when the results showed that Iowa native Ernest Nino-Murcia actually won the first day of competition on the show.

Nino-Murcia is a 32-year old legal interpreter in Des Moines and was selected to be on Jeopardy after trying out on a whim. He had not really watched the show regularly, but began preparing for it when he was selected to compete.

Nino-Murcia was not allowed to reveal the results of the show in interviews before it aired Wednesday afternoon, but he did say that he was happy with the results of it after his low expectations.

The show aired and revealed that Nino-Murcia was victorious on his first day of competition, winning a total of $11,599 on the first day. He started slow, but then gained momentum to take the win home, even after answering the Final Jeopardy question incorrectly.

This allowed him to pass on to the second day of the show and remain until he was beaten by another contestant, which unfortunately happened on the second day of the competition.

Nino-Murcia's second day was not as successful. He was eliminated from the show when he answered the Final Jeopardy question incorrectly f or the second day in a row. It didn't end as well as the first time, though, and he was left with only $1, losing for the day.

Nino-Murcia is a native of Iowa City, having graduated from West High in 1996.
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