What Do the People Think of the Immigration Laws?

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
The talk all over the country recently has been about President Obama's recent order regarding immigration. Feelings have been mixed and in general there have been more questions than answers.

Iowa City is no different, though generally, people believe that it is a justified attempt at making a large change, but it is just not enough to fix the problem.

It is no question at all that the nation's immigration laws have needed some serious changes for a long time. They have been under major scrutiny across the board with nearly everyone.

President Obama has not succeeded in doing anything thus far to fix the problem, but recently passed an order that has literally left people stunned - on many different levels.

The recent immigration order that was passed did not go through Congress at all, but was a direct order from Obama himself. According to the Los Angeles Times website, it has stopped deportation of some of the younger immigrants, according to a list of criteria. Instead, if they are discovered, they will be allowed to get appropriate documentation allowing them to work.

The order is particularly interesting to Iowa City, as much of their population was not born in the United States. Many of these people support something at all being done about the immigration laws.

The issue has come about, though, that Obama's order is a version of the DREAM Act, which failed to pass in Congress. They resent Obama's choice to go ahead and pass the act, even though they have rejected it.

Many people either totally disagree with the effort or show a lack of faith that it will actually work as planned, but in general, there is applause for something being done. People do not believe it is enough, but it is a step in the right direction to reform the immigration laws in this country.
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