Des Moines Resident Drowns in Raccoon River

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The body of a 17-year old boy was pulled from Raccoon River south of Des Moines on Monday. The body was of 17-year old Kevin Kong, who apparently drowned in the river when he was swimming and presumably got tired.

Rescue crews were called late Sunday evening after a boy was swimming in Raccoon River and seemed to get tired and began to struggle, according to reports. They believed he panicked and began to struggle, which took him down quickly in the water.

According to witnesses, the boy's friends saw him struggle and called for help, but nobody was able to get to him in time. He went under the water and disappeared before any help could get to him, so rescue was called for assitance.

About an hour and a half after the call, the boy's body was pulled out of Blue Heron Lake. His name was withheld until his parents were informed of the incident.

The boy was Kevin Kong, a 17-year old at Lincoln High School who had just finished his junior year. He was a member of the basketball and track teams, according to the Des Moines Register website. His principal said Kong was a very good kid and never got into any trouble.

Lincoln High School Principal Paul Williamson offers his support to family members and students who are affected by the tragedy. A Des Moines Chaplain has also offered his assistance to the friends that were swimming with Kong, as well as other friends of the boy.
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