Iowa To Freeze No Child Left Behind

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
Iowa has received the approval on their application for the No Child Left Behind legislation for one year, allowing them to seek further solutions to be able to meet the requirements that have been set according to the law. 

The No Child Left Behind legislation has put many schools under watch, and especially many of those in Iowa. The legislation, according to many states and many schools as well is unrealistic, especially in today's economy.

The legislation has set reading and math requirements for all children in a grade. If these requirements are not met, then the schools that are under watch will face penalties. These include orders for staff replacements and budget cuts on occasion. 

According to, the United States Department of Education has allowed Iowa to have a one-year freeze on all the targets for the legislation's requirements. The state made the request for the temporary freeze last year and it has been granted, much to the relief of many of Iowa's educators. 

The granted freeze will give the schools that are affected by the law and under watch time to meet the requirements, which are believed to be unrealistic and incredibly difficult to meet. These schools will now have until 2014 to be able o comply with the requirements in order to avoid penalties.

The number of schools that will be affected by the freeze is currently unknown. The state is currently going through records to establish a progress report for all of the schools in order to establish this information. 

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