Democratic Operative Scams Secretary of State

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
The Iowa Secretary of State, who is a GOP activist, fell victim to a scam that resulted in a charge of identity theft to a Democratic operative. The Secretary of State finally revealed details about the event that happened about a year ago.

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz was involved in a lawsuit that recently led to a conviction of Zachary Edwards. Edwards, a Democrative operative, was charged with identity theft after a scam attempt on Schultz.

Edwards allegedly sent Schultz a false email in June of 2011 attempting to implicate him in a scheme by pretending to be Schultz's brother. The email stated that Schultz and his brother were receiving illegal funds from Rick Santorum's presidential campaign.

The idea behind the email was to get Schultz to admit to corruption, but the plan did not go as originally intended. Schultz knew the email was false and handed it over to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and the Iowa Attorney General to begin investigation.

Edwards was charged with identity theft, to which he pled guilty to in March. Edwards used to work for Obama's campaign in 2008, working for a Democratic consulting firm in Des Moines, according to He was fired upon the arrest.

The owner of Link Strategies where Edwards worked, expressed upset about the incident and stated that his actions had nothing to do with the work he was doing for the campaign.

Schultz does not know Edwards, stating that he has never met him and the targeting for the attempted scam must be completely political.
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