Iowa Releases Names of Powerball Winners

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
Iowa has finally released the names of the mysterious 20 Iowa Powerball Winners that were so controversial recently. The "Shipping 20" fought to remain anonymous for a period of time, but Iowa has revealed them.

Last month, a group of shipping workers at Cedar Rapids' Quaker Oats Plant won the $241 million Iowa Powerball Jackpot last month. There was a lot of attention over the winnings because it took a while for them to even turn them in.

After winning the money and turning in the ticket, the group of winners sought to keep their privacy, even going as far as filing an injunction so that this would be possible because the names are usually public information.

They sought the privacy in order to keep people from asking for money, but this did not deter the state of Iowa, who views the names of winners as public information. They had no intentions of keeping the names private.

They allowed the "Shipping 20" to file an injunction, but released the names after a ten day period. The allowance was up Friday morning, and the names were then released, according to the Des Moines Register website.

The names of the winners of the Powerball as well as statements from them can be found on the official Powerball website. The group has now given up keeping their names secret, as it was a failed attempt. They now share their plans freely for what to do with the money.

The winnings are the biggest in Iowa Lottery history. The 18 men and 11 women will each get about $5.6 million when after taxes, making them Iowa's 20 newest millionaires.
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