New Information Released about Car Wreck that Killed Lown

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
Last October, a teen was killed in a fatal car wreck when her friend lost control of his vehicle and hit an oncoming car. New information about the car wreck was released Monday.

14-year old Mackenzie Lown was killed in a head-on collision as a passenger on Highway 6. The driver that lost control of the Chevrolet Lumina was Zachary Swenka.

Investigations have been ongoing to gather more information about the circumstances of the wreck, and Monday, more information was released. about how fast Swenka was driving. 

Authorities released a statement that said Swenka was driving at least 85 miles per hour when he lost control of the car after a high school cross country practice.

According to reports, Swenka lost control of the car and left the roadway. He returned, crossed the center line and hit an oncoming car head on. Lown was thrown from the vehicle in the incident and died.

Swenka has not received any charges as of yet. Lown's parents filed a wrongful death suit, but later dropped the charges, deciding instead to sue the school for neglecting to provide transportation to and from the cross country practice.

This discovery could lead to further charges, though, because this very high speed shows neglect for the safety of the passengers, according to Iowa City Police.

Swenka was 18 years old at the time of the wreck. There were four other students of the same high school in the vehicle, but Lown was the only one killed in the incident.

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