Perez No Longer Charged with Child Endangerment

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
In the case of the Iowa couple that is on trial for fatally abusing a 20 month old baby, one of the lesser charges has been dropped for the boyfriend in the case, who faces greater charges overall.

20-year old Jorge Perez and 18-year old Mireya Balderas are facing many charges relating to the death of 10 month old Marcus Balderas after investigations found proof that abuse was the cause of death for the infant.

Police responded to the incident and believe that Perez is the person responsible for the blunt force trauma to the head that actually killed the child. He was arrested and initially charged with child endangerment. He admitted to abusing the child.

The child endangerment charge that Perez was facing has been dropped. It is only a misdemeanor and is the least of the charges that he still faces. The minor charge was dropped because he faces more serious charges relating to the death of the child that are being pursued according to

Perez still faces two counts of child endangerment resulting in death, which carry potential sentences of up to 50 years per count.

The child actually belongs to Mireya Balderas, who admits to abusing the child and also seeing Perez do so. She admits that she had opportunities to leave Perez as well, but chose not to do so. Balderas still faces the child endangerment resulting in death charge.

The two remain lodged in jail currently facing a trial. The date for the trail is scheduled.
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