Iowa City's Sex Positive Shop Gets Another Year

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
Iowa City's controversial "sex-positive" shop, The Tool Box has secured a lease for another year and will remain open after the lease termination late last year. The unique store has been struggling with lease terms for several months and has finally reached a breakthrough.

At the end of November of last year, The Tool Box owner Julia Schaefer received a letter announcing the termination of her lease. This was just one month after she had signed the lease and only the beginning of the problems.

The new lease offer was another bump in the road. It came with stipulations about closing time and speaking to the media, which were a major problem for Schaefer. The stipulations also involved the adult section of the store, which was a major part of it.

After months of negotiations and problems, the stipulations of the lease were softened for Schaefer to make them more suitable to this particular type of store. The adult section has to be limited and separated, but the lease has been signed for another year.

The Tool Box is a sex shop with a very positive spin. It is a more educational store than most other sex shops. It sells a variety of toys, books and other items.

The Tool Box is located on the second floor of 128 1/2 East Washington Street in Iowa City. Schaefer has announced plans for a lease renewal party at the store, as well as an art show and clothing party.  She is confident about getting and maintaining business.
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