Iowa Girls Abducted

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The case of the missing cousins from Iowa has changed. Now, instead of looking in the lake, authorities believe that the girls have been abducted.

8-year old Elizabeth Collins and 10-year old Lyric Cook-Morrissey disappeared last week. Their bikes were found near a lake by Evansdale, which led to assumptions that the girls went swimming. Volunteers searched the lake all week to find the girls.

After volunteers and sonar equipment were used on the lake with no results whatsoever, authorities were forced to approach the situation from a very different angle. The County Chief expressed confidence that the bodies of the girls were not in the lake. The case was reclassified as an abduction.

A watch has been place on the father of 10-year old Lyric, Daniel Morrissey. He has stopped cooperating with police and already has a criminal history relating to many methamphetamine charges, which only released him from two months ago.

Courts have placed Morrissey under supervision as of Thursday. He is not considered a suspect, but the couple was ordered to stop cooperating by an attorney.

Lyric's mother also has a criminal history with many types of charges, but she has not been put under supervision as of yet. She believes that the supervision is unfair and that she and her husband are being judged because of their criminal history.

Some evidence has been found, but there is no comment on what it is, according to

Residents of Iowa have shown support for the missing girls and planned to release balloons for them this evening near Waterloo.
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