Nobody Injured in Driverless Bus Incident

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
July 28 was a very interesting day for Iowa City as a Megabus without a driver, but with passengers, rolled through the middle of the city. Somehow the incident occurred without a single injury.

At a little after 11 a.m. on July 28, according to, the bus driver for a Megabus located at the intersection of Dubuque and Burlington streets left the bus unattended on a bathroom break. People had gotten off and others had gotten on the bus. 

The bus began to roll on its own with over 20 people still on it through the streets in Iowa City. The bus hit a traffic light and an empty rental vehicle. The bus traveled quite a way according to preliminary reports.

It is not known as of yet what happened and how the bus actually began to roll down the road. The incident is still being invested. No charges have been filed regarding the situation as of yet.

The Megabus company still stands by the stance that the Megabus is a very safe company and has a very good safety rating. This is a statement that is being questioned, though. There have been quite a few accidents involving buses such as this one, others involving injuries and even deaths.

The area where the incident occurred has a lot of traffic, both in cars and pedestrian as well, which was a very dangerous situation. It is a very busy area in the city. Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident.
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