Roommates Arrested after K2 Incident

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
Police have reported their second K2-related arrest in a week with the arrest of two roommates after an incident early this morning that resulted from smoking the synthetic drug.

Two University of Iowa students were arrested early this morning after police received a call stating that one of the roommates was "freaking out." One of the roommates allegedly drew a knife on the other.

Early this morning, police responded to a call made by 22-year old Thomas Goldhammer stating that his roommate, 22-year old Mitchell Ruden, had pulled a knife on him and was "freaking out," according to

Goldhammer met the police at the door and told them his friend was still freaking out and needed help. He then fled. Ruden was in the kitchen with a knife and appeared to be frightened, according to police reports.

Officers apprehended Ruden and later Goldhammer in the apartment building's parking lot. Both men were taken into custody. 

According to police reports, Ruden admitted the two were smoking K2 and other drugs that they had purchased that night. A search of the home uncovered marijuana, K2 and other paraphernalia in the apartment.

K2 is a synthetic herb, commonly accepted as a synthetic form of marijuana, that is sprayed with chemicals. It is smoked and has very dangerous side effects. It has been deemed a controlled substance. Police have stated that smoking K2 is a very big risk. 

The two roommates are both being charged with possession of a controlled substance. This charge is a serious misdemeanor.
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