Mitt Romney Announces Running Mate

Posted in: Iowa City Owl
Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has announced his running mate for this year's elections. He has chosen United States Representative Paul Ryan to run with him.

Paul Ryan is a United States Representative who has had a major hand int he decisions made regarding federal debt. Republicans are confident that he will have a lot of knowledge about how to fix the deficit.

Republicans have responded well to the announcement by Mitt Romney. Most believe that Paul Ryan will do great things to help Romney win the election because many people will consider the budget problems and side with Ryan.

Ryan's hand in the budget is not his only attribute, according to Republicans. He is believed to be a great speaker and has a lot in common with the people of Iowa, which will be a major benefit in the state.

Many supporters believe that Ryan was the best choice of the options that Mitt Romney was considering. They feel a member of a national legislature is a great choice because Mitt Romney is a governor.

Not everyone in Iowa has a great view of Mitt Romney's choice. Democrats have blasted Romney for his choice of running mate because he supports tax cuts for millionaires. Many say that Romney is supporting someone who backs a plan that has continued to fail, and he has many harsh critics.

Iowa has a large amount of Republicans, and they believe that Ryan will help Romney take the state of Iowa, which can play a major role in who will win the election this year.

Ryan will make his first major appearance at the vice presidential debate, scheduled for October 11. A biography of Ryan was released this morning before the announcement.
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