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Iowa City responds to 'Not Guilty' verdict for ZimmermanJul 15, 8am

The nation has literally erupted after the July 15 verdict of "not guilty" was given to George Zimmerman on the trail of the shooting of Trayvon Martin in February of last year. Cities held rallies and people outraged on various social media sites, either for or against the verdict.

Computer Mouse Inventor Dies at 88Jul 5, 7pm

The man who invented the computer mouse, and developed the early form of e-mail and word processing software, Dr. Douglas Engelbart, died last Wednesday in his home in Atherton, California at the age of 88.

911 texting in Iowa usefulJul 1, 11am

Recently, Iowa initiated a program that would help text messages sent to the emergency services to be recognized and answered, potentially saving more lives. Now, 911 will accept text messages as well as picture and video messages.

Luminosity says Iowa City is smartJun 26, 10pm

Thank your city is smart enough.Well, Iowa City has proof that it is in fact smart enough, according to a recent Luminosity survey. In fact, the survey named Iowa City and the surrounding area as one of the smartest in the nation.

You get 15 secondsJun 23, 6pm

Good news for Facebook and Instagram users. It's not just pictures anymore. Now, you can upload short videos to Instagram and to Facebook through Instagram. [ads]Yes, Instagram has recently announced that it will now allow users to upload video clips to their accounts for other Instagram users to view and enjoy.

Iowa City man has 13-hour standoff with policeJun 23, 6pm

The Iowa City Police arrested a man yesterday after a 13-hour standoff with him, according to a recent article. [ads]Police originally responded to a call for a domestic dispute at the home of 52-year-old Troy Perkins.

Man attempts to sell coffin on Craigslist...with skeleton insideJun 23, 5pm

Police recently interrupted an online sale of a coffin to question the man who was selling it. The coffin had an entire human skeleton inside it.

Nook HD and HD+ Drops Price for One WeekJun 10, 8pm

If you ebook lovers out there thought that Barnes and Noble’s Mother’s Day sale on the Nook HD and HD+ was amazing, get ready for the Father’s Day sale.Last month, Barnes and Noble cut down the price of Nook HD and Nook HD+ the week leading to Mother’s day and this month, it’s as if they’re giving the tablets away for a lot more cheaper.

Attempted murder...with a hammer...on the wrong guyJun 2, 9pm

An Iowa City man is facing a charge of attempted murder after he was discovered assaulting another man with a hammer earlier this evening. He was arrested for the attack only to release the information that he had been attacking the wrong man.

Facebook loses advertisers againJun 1, 4pm

Facebook is in deep again, from the looks of it. The social media giant has once again lost many advertisers over content issues this time, including Nissan, who pulled all of its ads from the site. The problem this time.
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