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Get stamped for your phone?Jun 1, 3pm

A brand new idea is underway, and it is unknown as of yet if this will hit big with customers, or it will just come off as a little unnerving. According to a recent article on the Telegraph website, a new technology has been created that will place rubber stamps attached to a user's skin that will unlock their phones.

Gaming laptop is 'Razer-thin'Jun 1, 3pm

Yes, the pun is intended, and yes, this is what you may think. Razer has done it again, and even better this time than ever before. The popular gaming company known for gaming PCs has created a brand new gaming laptop with a twist: it is super-thin and super powerful all at once.

Floods affecting Iowa CityJun 1, 1pm

Rampant flooding due to an excessive amount of rain has affected all areas of Central United States near rivers. Iowa City is no different. [ads]Water has crept up on the streets in parts of Iowa City, and many in the downtown area have been closed completely due to the flooding.

Puppy thief accused of stealing cellphonesMay 26, 2pm

The woman facing charges for stealing two puppies from a pet store in Iowa City is facing additional charges, according to recent reports. She allegedly stole cellphones from another business in nearby Coralville.

Driver rolls van in downtown Iowa CityMay 26, 1pm

Drivers in Iowa City a little before 4 p.m. witnessed an unusual accident downtown on Dubuque St. A van rolled over with 5 people in it, and responders had to work to remove the people from the van safely.

Iowa City workers save six ducksMay 26, 1pm

The Iowa City Police Department and several maintenance workers performed a good deed Saturday afternoon as they saved a family of six ducklings that were trapped in a storm sewer while the mother waited anxiously.

Twitter’s Two-Step Verification MethodMay 25, 11am

You’ve probably heard of the numerous hacking of major corporations’ websites that happened earlier this year and Twitter is one of them. That’s why the developers of the micro-blogging site recently introduced a two-step verification method to add extra security for its users.

Apple Cuts iPad Mini Shipments in HalfMay 17, 11am

Apple is reportedly cutting down the shipments of iPad Mini in half due to less demand for the said device.

US Cellular service down for over five hoursMay 15, 9pm

Users of US Cellular in the eastern Iowa area expressed their frustration at extended downtime this evening.On Twitter, customers from Cedar Rapids to the Quad Cities tweeted about their phones having no signal.

AT&T to drop Facebook PhoneMay 13, 7pm

The hype was all about the Facebook phone when it was to come out, but the sales of the HTC First have been unbelievably bad. In fact, they are so bad that AT&T will drop the phone completely, according to reports.
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