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Des Moines: Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and BeyondFeb 11, 3am

The month of love is sizzling hot with big names and bacon. That’s right, Des Moines will be hosting its 5th annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. This festival is extra crispy with a rich history that was started by a group of Iowans in Crystal Lake.

Cedar Rapids To Host Anime ConventionJan 23, 4am

This February, Cedar Rapids is going to see something pretty unique as anime characters will be coming to life as fans celebrate for a four-day convention. Anime-SPARK. is an "anime convention" that is happening February 16-19, 2012 at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center in Southwest Cedar Rapids.

Joe the Plumber: Pushing The Limits of Viral FameJan 21, 2am

Remember “Joe the Plumber,” the disgruntled voter who questioned then-Senator Barack Obama about his tax policy during the 2008 campaign. He’s back. We’ll, he never really went away.

Chasing Shade - Iowa City Music You Should HearJan 20, 6pm

It’s 8:45 p.m. on a Thursday. Amid the downtown disarray, three twenty-something-year-olds are illuminated under green and pink stage lights. They pluck the strings of their guitars and stroke the snare heads for last minute tuning adjustments.

Verum's Interview with Raj PatelJan 20, 5pm

On the eve of the November 8th city council election, Raj Patel and his family hosted a large gathering at Takanami for friends and supporters. The room was silent and tense as I walked in just ten minutes before the official election results were announced.

Hawkeye Football Searches for a New Defensive CoordinatorJan 13, 8am

For the first time since I was finishing my senior year of high school or 1999, the University of Iowa is conducting a search to fill a major coaching vacancy on its football team. Beloved Norm Parker, who has coordinated the Hawkeye defense for the past 13 seasons, has retired.

Sports Economics 101Dec 27, 10pm

I’m writing to tell you what you should already know but recent events have caused me to sadly acknowledge is a reality so many whom are fans of professional sports teams are refusing to deal with. Money rules the world.

Destination Des Moines: DecemberDec 7, 11pm

You're thrashing your arms, alternating kicks with your legs,  while attempting to maintain your rhythm. The trumpet has your hips moving and you’re getting tossed around like one of the lotto balls inside a drum before a Saturday night Powerball drawing.

2011 B1G Field Hockey Season ReviewDec 2, 11am

2011 was another successful season for field hockey teams across the Big Ten, the University of Iowa included. Four teams from the Big Ten made it into the field of sixteen competing for a national championship.

Occupy Wall Street Being Cleared From ParkNov 15, 1am

Police in riot gear have corralled members of the Occupy Wall Street and begun systematically throwing away the property of Occupy members and destroying tents while trying to clear the park under the order of the city's mayor.
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