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Destination Des Moines: November Nov 11, 4pm

You're home for the holidays, vegging out and reuniting with family. By day two you realize you’ve gained 10 lbs and need to get out of the house. It's been a while since you’ve been in Des Moines, or maybe it's your first visit, so whats there to do other then meeting friends at your favorite watering hole.

Even Governments Need LobbyistsNov 11, 3pm

If there's one message that's clear from Johnson County Board of Supervisor's recent decision to join a coalition to hire lobbyists for the corridor region, it's that even state politicians are grossly out of touch with constituents.

Big Ten Women’s Soccer Season ReviewNov 10, 3pm

If you haven’t followed Big Ten women’s soccer this season you probably don’t know that for nine of the twelve universities, 2011 has ended. Ohio State, Penn State and Illinois earned berths in the field of 64 to determine a national champion and will play at least one more game.

Three Cups Of TeaNov 7, 12pm

Three cups of tea: first cup your a stranger, second cup your an honored guest, and third cup your family and will be treated as such till the death if need be.

Iowa City Farmers Market Closes for 2011Nov 2, 1pm

The Iowa City farmers market held its final market of 2011 Saturday. Located on the ground level of the Chauncey Swan Parking Ramp on East Washington Street, the farmers market has long been a place for Iowa City farmers and artisans to sell their goods.

Big Ten Volleyball Midseason ReportOct 27, 9am

The Big Ten Volleyball season is now past its halfway point and it’s safe to say that the conference may be the best in the nation. Six teams are ranked in the current Coaches’ Poll (Nebraska, Illinois, Penn State, Purdue, Michigan State and Michigan).

Kill Me If You Can ReviewOct 27, 9am

Kill me if you can is a semi thrilling thriller told in the 1st person point of view by Matthew Bannon a struggling ex wartime marine turned artist who also moonlights as a contract killer named the ghost.

Republican's Tuesday Night Fights in VegasOct 20, 2pm

With Herman Cain tied with Mitt Romney in some polls, Tuesday’s debate promised to about differing policies rather than attempts by third tier candidates to get some attention. Everyone agrees, that what occurred was a fight.

Occupy the NBA?Oct 19, 12am

The word “occupy” has taken on new context in the past few weeks. The meaning of the word itself has not changed, but rather the mental image that comes to mind when a person hears or reads it. Whereas it simply used to mean that a structure had persons using it for a specific purpose, now the word invokes visions of protesters, signs, tents and in some cities, police.

Sectarian Violence in Cairo Stirs EgyptOct 14, 1pm

The most violent night Cairo has experienced since the overthrow of Hussein Mubarak left dozens killed and injured. The casualties were both civilians and military personnel leading the interim prime minister, Essam Sharaf, to call for calm and peace to quell the seeds of division.
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