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Steve Jobs Book Sales SoarOct 10, 4pm

Interest in former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ life and work has soared after his death last week at the age of 56. Several books about the innovative technology leader will be on the market soon. “Steve Jobs,” a biography by Walter Isaacson due out in November, has seen a huge rise in sales at amazon.

Occupy Iowa City Stands With Occupy Wall StreetOct 8, 1pm

Yesterday, well over 300 different people showed up to participate in Iowa City's local version of Occupy Wall Street. Click for pictures from the event. They gathered around pitching tents, collecting donations of food and water, and putting up signs declaring themselves.

Occupy Iowa City Starts TodayOct 7, 4pm

People will be gathering starting at 6pm this evening in College Green Park for an event they're calling Occupy Iowa City.

Comedy Central Comes To Iowa CityOct 7, 4pm

Comedy Central has been bringing rising comedians to campuses across the country as part of their fifth college tour, and Iowa City is included this year. This evening at the IMU, the University's Campus Activities Board presents Jermaine Fowler, Rory Scovel, and Nick Thune starting at 10pm.

Occupy Wall Street HistoryOct 6, 12pm

Occupy Wall Street started as an idea on an email list in Canada. Adbusters senior editor Micah White told the Vancouver Courier, “We basically floated the idea in mid July into our [email list] and it was spontaneously taken up by all the people of the world.

Upcoming October Iowa City EventsOct 5, 2pm

There are lots of great events coming up in Iowa City over the next couple of weeks, ranging from the Englert Tehatre's Anniversary Celebration to several University Speakers.

Destination Des Moines: OctoberSep 30, 3pm

If you want to get away from Iowa city for a minute Des Moines can offer you a change in scenery. During the month of October there are a few events worth breaking out of your shell to come and have a peck at.

Obama’s Job’s Act – Will congress pass the bill?Sep 20, 3pm

Last week the Obama administration announced a bill that would potentially help relieve the pressure of the waning job market that resulted from the lengthy economic recession. Part of Obama’s American Jobs Act proposes a tax relief specifically for businesses as a means to initiate job development and avoid layoffs.

Will Congress Pass the Jobs Bill?Sep 18, 5am

With 2012 elections looming just around the corner, tensions couldn’t be higher in Washington. Americans are showing more and more frustration, with a recent poll putting the number of people who approve of how Congress is doing its job at a mere 12%.

mc chris, MC Lars, Mega Ran, and Adam WarRock play in Iowa CitySep 18, 5am

mc chris (lowercase intentional) headlined a concert in Iowa City last night featuring MC Lars, MegaRan, and Adam WarRock to a sold-out crowd at the upstairs of the Blue Moose Tap House in downtown Iowa City.
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