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When You Can't Get Kids to Hit the BooksApr 29, 9am

With the rapid growth of technology it is impossible for kids and teenagers to keep up and focus with their studies, especially with the new video games that are coming out of the market frequently.

Arrest leads to vigil in Iowa CityApr 28, 7pm

A recent arrest led to an unusual event -- or two unusual events -- outside the Johnson County Jail in Iowa City, according to an article on Two different vigils were staged over the weekend after a woman was arrested on what the public claims to be a race-related issue.

Suspect wanted in stabbingApr 28, 7pm

Iowa City police are searching for information on a recent alleged stabbing that occurred in Iowa City. The victims were two Iowa City individuals who were reportedly stabbed on the street by an unknown attacker.

Iowa City police arrest man applying for peace officer jobApr 27, 6pm

A recent investigation of an Iowa City man led to some surprising and unsettling results and the arrest of an Iowa City man who had been applying for a job as a peace officer in Iowa City. [ads]According to an article on thegazette.

Elemantary students make a movieApr 27, 5pm

It is finally finished and ready for viewing. After eight long months, an Iowa City elementary school team of staff members and students have finally finished and released a five minute movie that they made together, and it has a serious message.

Man arrested for standing in his driveway with a handgunApr 27, 5pm

The Iowa City Police Department arrested a man Thursday after he was reported to be standing in his driveway with a handgun. He was found to be severely intoxicated and taken into custody by the Iowa City Police Department.

Good news: Foreclosure rates down for Iowa CityApr 27, 5pm

A recent article on basted some good news for the people of Iowa City. According to the article, foreclosure rates on homes in Iowa City have declined. [ads]According to data, the foreclosure rate in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids as well was down to 2% even in February.

LivingSocial's Website HackedApr 26, 11pm

LivingSocial says its website was hacked and that personal data of approximately 50 million customers may have been compromised.

Stop Big Brother to hold anti-surveillance eventApr 21, 3pm

Iowa City's Stop Big Brother organization was to hold an anti-surveillance event Saturday, and they were even supposed to fly a drone at  the event in order to gain signatures on a petition against red light and speed cameras in Iowa City.

Boston tragedy affects Iowa CityApr 16, 9pm

The Boston bombing has literally affected people from all across the nation, and Iowa City is no different. The tragedy has rocked the city, and residents as well as those that hail from Iowa City are reacting to the horrors that recently passed.
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