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Iowa Man Faces Charges for Keeping Drugs Around ChildrenDec 27, 11pm

An Iowa City man faces charges after he was arrested on suspicion of keeping drugs and drug paraphernalia  in his home with his wife and children, according to an article released on[ads]40-year-old Michael Robert Uhler was arrested Thursday morning on charges that spurred from a drug investigation.

Black Angel to Be on SyFyDec 26, 9pm

A producer for the SyFy show "Haunted Highway" will be featuring a unique monument from Iowa City on its next season: the infamous haunted Black Angel grave monument.[ads]"Haunted Highway" is a show about landmarks around the nation that are viewed as haunted.

Warrant Issued for University of Iowa CityDec 6, 8pm

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Bag Ban Not Looking Up in Iowa CityDec 6, 8pm

According to a recent article on the Iowa City Patch website, the issue of banning plastic bags is not looking so good to the City Council even though the community largely supports a legislation.

Vote on Chickens in Iowa City DelayedDec 6, 7pm

The chickens will have to wait just a little bit longer as the City Council of Iowa City has delayed the final decision on allowing backyard chickens within the city limit. [ads]The city council has taken some steps toward making a final decision and setting up regulations for Iowa City to allow backyard chickens to be kept.

Accident on Iowa City Rock Climbing WallNov 12, 8pm

The popular University of Iowa rock-climbing wall that has attracted many a brave individual has been shut down recently for an indefinite amount of time due to an accident that occurred Thursday. [ads]The University of Iowa has had its rock climbing wall up in its wellness center for a while without incident, but a student recently fell from the wall.

Iowa City Horror Movie in the MakingNov 11, 8pm

Iowa City has an independent horror movie in the process, and they are asking for donations to help fund it. [ads]Two local movie makers, Travis Drahozal and Jordan Kessler, have a movie in mind and are asking for assistance in funding the project.

Obama Gives Anticipated Speech at University of IowaApr 29, 10pm

Last week on Wednesday, at 1:20 p.m., President Obama gave his planned speech at the University of Iowa, focusing specifically on student loan debt and the difficulties that attempting to afford higher education can cause for students.

Two Iowa City Artists Say: Moon Or Bust!Mar 28, 12pm

Tomorrow night, another "moon landing" will be attempted. However, this historic event won't be coordinated by NASA nor even Virgin Airlines, but by two intrepid artists and performers from Iowa City. Their landing will be televised live on PATV 18.

58 Programs Dropped From UNIMar 22, 12am

Late yesterday afternoon the Iowa state Board of Regents voted unanimously to approve ceasing 58 majors, minors, and graduate programs at the University of Northern Iowa.A few last-minute changes to the list were announced this morning, including suspending, rather than cutting, two programs offering geography and theater education minors.
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