O-Mentum Unstoppable - If Hillary Doesn't Rock Soon, She's Out

Obama-mania is sweeping the nation as Barack Obama has just won the last eight democratic contests in a row. A lot of people suggest that Barack is on a steam train straight to the democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton, however, has stepped up her negative campaigning against Obama, in an effort to recucitate her fading campaign.

Can He Be Stopped?
Unless Hillary can pull off a sweeping upset in Ohio and Texas, stopping Barack Obama's grass-root-grown millions will be next to impossible. Wins for Hillary in the next states will be meaningless unless she manages to win by some large margin.

What About Republicans
With Mitt Romney's latest endorsement (we can tell he want to be VP), John McCain is now the clear Republican nominee. A John McCain versus Barack Obama battle will be an interesting mashup, but Obama will clearly win for some obvious reasons:
  • Obama opposes the Iraq war, and always has. The American public is tired of spending billions on a war that should have never been waged.
  • Obama has the clear support of the new media internet, because of his policies supporting net neutrality and more 21st century definitions.
  • John McCain has drastically changed policies, once opposing the tax cuts for wealth people, but now supporting them.

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