HNI CEO Makes Too Much Money

We recently learned that the CEO for HNI Muscatine earned a little under $3 million dollars in 2007. Let's clarify - that's nearly $3,000,000. Enough to buy 157 hybrid Honda Civics. Or 50 modest houses. Or new wind energy generators that could power nearly every business along Park Avenue.

So, the top executive of a office chair/fireplace company made three million worth of stock, cash, and retirement funds. That's enough to give the top 200 employees an extra $10,000, and still be able to shell out a million to the CEO.

What spectacular things has this guy done to deserve so much compensation? Nobody deserves to make that much money when some people work the night-shift, go to school, and take care of a family and still can not get by.

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Apr 27, 18 at 3:36pm

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How did the HNI CEO earn that money?

A long time ago, someone had a great idea and thus HON was was passed down to those who deserve it, or maybe he didn't but the point is he was smart enough to do the right things in order to obtain that position.

Survival of the fittest at its best. Nature doesn't pick the merciful lion with a big picks the lion that bites the sick baby zebra and eats it.

Apr 19, 08 at 7:58pm

HNI employs a very unprofessional HR department, as I have recently discovered. How does one make a complaint about a problem when the people who handle the complaints ARE the problem?


The HNI CEO has earned that money...and the last time I checked this was not a socialist society. Everyone deserves to make that much money who has WORKED for that money. I can't be held responsible for everyone else's financial problems. Work hard and you will reap the benefits. It's his money to do what he pleases, whether its spending it all on Ben and Jerry's ice cream or securing a stable future for himself and his family. I applaud the man for putting Muscatine on the map.

My question to you much money is too much? Where does it end? By your reasoning..if I make 100 dollars a year, shouldn't I give it to someone who makes zero dollars a year?

One of the worst things we can do as a society is make the poor comfortable being poor.