If I Only Had The Budget

Sometimes while I'm working on the Muscazine's backend system, I think about all the fun things I could do with a larger budget. Perhaps deploy experienced reporters to exciting area events to provide firsthand reports. If only I had the budget.

I had also considered having live video feed from area events. Live online video, or at least video highlights from Muscatine City Council meetings, from sporting events, etc. If only I had the bandwidth.

However, we do have some cool things here. Live updates from the field, for example. So long as the event is happening indoors, or the weather is nice, we have the technology to provide updates directly from the scene of news happening. News stories can be posted instantly with live firsthand accounts. I seem to have the technology.

I would like to invite anyone with creative writing ability, or more journalistic ability, to submit their story ideas - or even full stories! I don't have the ability to pay... If only I had the budget. But, I will promise that good, quality stories will appear here. And there's no word limit for things that are classified as more than 'rambling'. The Muscazine is not paper; we have near infinite space.
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