Sail Your Ship To Long John Silver's

Long John Silvers must not be getting enough business. Each week on Tuesday I can reliably expect to find a whole new set of LJS coupons in my mailbox. Feeling hungry for chicken, I set sail towards Long John's in Muscatine at 7:30 Saturday evening.

The adventure went better than in the past. I've had situations in which an order took over 16 minutes to get to me: today's only took two. Fortunately enough, my chicken was hot, the fries too, and the corn tasted like corn. Granted the exceptional level of grease won't help the dieting type, it's not much worse than the alternative fast food places.

Although the food made me a bit sleepy, any good food should do that... or that's perhaps the clogged arteries causing less blood flow making me sleepy. Either way, today's Long John's adventure went well. You might not always expect the same service, however, and as prices rise, sometimes the numbers don't seem to add up. On one trip, I found the price they charged did not match the price stated on the board at the drive through. Although I won't complain about 30 cents, be wary yourself.
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