Battle Of The Editors | InMuscatine vs. Lee Enterprises

It's seems a friendly exchange has broken out between, and the parent company of the Muscatine Journal after Buster published a story entitled Lee Enterprises Surpressing Bad News.

According to Buster's online post "There was no mention of the nearly one billion dollar write-down of Lee Enterprises, and today there is no mention of the firing of D&T" [in the QC Times].

What's more interesting, Buster has 'received mail' saying his story is inaccurate, claiming there are Muscatine Journal articles about the accountant firing. Quick searches for "Auditor" and "Deloitte" yield little more than positive spin on Lee Enterprise's falling stocks.

Although we don't always agree with either sides positions, we still enjoy seeing a fair balance of reporting on all sides.

Muscazine's stock prices, on the other hand, have more than tripled, going from $0 to $4.16 over the past fiscal quarter.
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