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Google Chrome Crashes In Under 60 Seconds

Google recently released something of a surprise new open-source browser, designed to my javascript run faster, load webpages better, and beyond. This new browser, called Google Chrome, claims seperate processes for each tab, making browsing easier for anyone by keeping broken scripts in one tab seperate from everything else.

Fail! For now, at least, Google's new Chrome is getting an F for eFfort, but not much better. My first experience with Google Chrome sent me spiraling into the oblivion... or at least sent Chrome there. It started off simple, logging into GMail. This worked perfectly, and seeing that I had no new messages sent me onto my next task: checking Facebook.

Bad Idea! - Don't check Facebook on Chrome, not yet at least. The page loaded relatively smoothly, but I quickly noticed that nothing AJAX worked. I went to poke a friend, and it loaded a seperate page. No big deal, right? Okay, then I clicked the link to my profile and.... and... and... and I waited and waited. Finally I saw the "The page Facebook is not responding, kill the process or wait?". I, of course, gave Chrome the benefit of the doubt by clicking wait. I figured it would fix itself like the other browsers in a minute after they freeze. Well, not so lucky.

So, I went to the next tab to check my GMail. Sorting and labelling is a fun activity while you wait for something to unfreeze. Immediately I knew something was very wrong. Anything I clicked on wouldn't respond. I could not click on messages, nor go to delete my spam. Clicking on the webpage simply did nothing.

In the end, I had to close the entire Chrome browser just to get back to something working. These bugs need squished before I'm tempted to go back to Chrome.

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