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If They Want To Party, They'll Party

If people want to party, and if they want to drink, they'll do it. No alternative, aside from an amazing event is going to stop them. Holding an 'amazing event', or perhaps just an expensive event, is behind the logic of UI Student President Bleam, who wants to spend $70,000 to promote tailgating without alcohol. Although great in theory, there are so many flaws with such a project, that one can hardly see its viability.

First of all, this $70,000 is to be designated for one giant no-alcohol event. The premise is that people will come to this event, with some famous music names, and tailgate there instead of getting smashed on alcohol. But this just won't work.

For one, $70,000 is a ton of money for one event. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of student organizations at the University of Iowa, and I'm sure any of them would love the extra money. The fencing club could reduce it's dues to zero and buy wireless scoring equipment with even a fraction of that was of cash. Many other student organizations could do the same.

Second, as said in the beginning, if people want beer, they'll get beer. The only way to stop them from drinking is prohibiting alcohol completely - and actually, that didn't even work. What's to stop people from tailgating a little earlier or a little later to enjoy their alcohol and their huge alcohol-free party. They'll just come to the party with enough alcohol in their blood to last for hours.

In the end, there are many better uses for this money. Student groups across campus would surely love a piece, and $70,000 could do a lot to promote less alcohol in a number of other ways - not just a one time deal.
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