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Prediction: Unremarkable Debate

Tonight, Senator Barack Obama will face off in the final debate against his Republican opponent, John McCain, going into the debate with a double digit lead and over 270 electoral college votes in nearly every poll presented.

The game looks tough for Senator McCain. News media everyone are predicting that if McCain does not do something spectacular, or somehow get Obama to slip up, things won't change - essentially, this is the last chance for McCain to make a splash. Odds are, though, there won't be anything remarkable going on tonight.

Barack Obama, grounded in a confidence earned after dozens of debates with Hillary Clinton in the primaries, is a cool, calm debater, making it difficult to stir his feathers. John McCain, even if he goes negative with mentions of Ayers or ACORN, will likely have a hard time of doing anything to get Obama to slip. Obama is probably preparing right now how to blast McCain's name bombing.

It could go in many ways, and with Obama, most of them would work. He could say, "John, that's not what the voters care about. Why so negative?", and crash McCain's party that way. He could actually take a moment and say "Every news outlet in the country has scoured over any potential friendship between me and Ayers, and they haven't found anything remarkable - so what exactly are you talking about?", which could squash the issue then and there.

Whatever John McCain plans to do to shake things up in round three, Obama has probably prepared for. And we know Obama isn't going to change his game in the middle of a winning streak - who does that? I doubt anything exciting will happen tonight.
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