UISG Election Begins

Iowa City News
At long last, the University of Iowa Student Government campaign season has begun, and we know who our candidates are. Each campaign looks to be running on their own unique messages, and we'll analyze each of them so that you can get an idea of who you should vote for.
  • "L" - Ryan Kopf & Gary Ohrt - The L campaign seems to be the most complete, issue-oriented campaigns we have in this election. Ryan, who is chief editor of this website, is on the executive board of Associated Residence Halls and involved with numerous other organizations. From their website, whatdoesthelstandfor.com, you can easily see they have worked on solutions for all the important issues, including safety, technology, and supporting student organizations.
  • "The Go Party" - Mike Currie & JD Moran - They have bright orange shirts and lots of supporters. They focus on a tuition freeze for each incoming year of students.
  • "Your Party" - Emily Grieves & Alison Keenan - They have tons of blue shirts out, and a video on their website that draws a bit of attention.
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