Obama to Return to Iowa Again

Iowa City Owl
President Obama is making yet another trip to Iowa as part of his campaign for a "grassroots" event Tuesday of next week. 

Obama will speak with Iowans on Tuesday of next week in Cedar Rapids as part of his re-election campaign, according to the Sioux City Journal website. 

The talk at this event will be about the differences between an economy that grows from the middle out and one that grows from he top down. He will focus on topics such as energy and education as part of his economic restoration plan.

Iowa has been important to the campaign this year even though it only has six electoral votes, and Obama has not forgotten this. It is one of a group of sates that could have a major impact on the election because the support percentage is very close. 

Obama's frequent visits to Iowa are well-received in general, though the general opinion regarding the election is split down the middle. Many still support Obama, but there are others that believe his economic success has not been prominent enough and the country needs to move on to a new president. 

This will make Obama's second trip to Cedar Rapids this year and his fourth to Iowa this year as part of his re-election efforts in order to win over the state. It is also believed that his visits will have an impact on Democratic Congressional elections as well. 

Obama, Michele and Biden have visited Iowa a total of nine times this year. Biden will visit Iowa again this summer. 
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