Iowa Leaning Toward Romney

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According to, a recent poll has shown that Mitt Romney and President Obama are at a near tie in the nation, with the important swing state of Iowa leaning toward Obama.

A recent poll of 1244 likely voters in Iowa was taken by Public Policy Polling and gave surprising results. It included 35% Democrats, 38% Republicans, and 27% independents, which is very close to voter registration figures as of August. The results of the poll are believed to be accurate to less than 2% error.

The results of the poll showed that independents favored Obama over Romney and the president has a very small percentage overall with voters. Romney, though, is believed to be very close to a possession of Iowa.

The results of the poll were interesting, though. It seems that, even though Obama currently has the favor, Romney is actually gaining ground against the president in Iowa. In July, the poll showed Obama having a 5% lead over Romney, and this percentage has gone down.

Iowa is a very important state. In 2008, Obama gained momentum after he won the six electoral votes that this swing state gives.

Republicans have a 120,000 vote edge in voter registration - an edge that has been gradually growing. In 2008, Democrats had a 500,000 vote edge over Republicans. This growing edge for the Republicans could give Iowa to Mitt Romney.

This is something that has been happening in other swing states as well including states such as Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia.
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