Staples to Carry Apple

Iowa City Owl
There is big news on the horizon for the lovers of Apple, Inc. products. According to a police report on the Slash Gear website, Apple and Staples are now working together in the United States, following suit after Canada.

What does this mean for customers? It means that Staples will now be selling a variety of devices made by Apple in its stores in the United States.

According to the story, Regis Mulot, the Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Staples announced the agreement in a tweet. The tweet stated:

"After Canada, #Apple products are coming to #Staples in U.S. Great news!"

Unfortunately, the tweet was quickly deleted due to reasons unknown. Thankfully, the announcement is, in fact, true.

What does this mean for Staples? It actually means quite a bit for the franchise's American stores  - enough to excite executives, and for good reason.

Canada's stores have had Apple products available for some times, and this has affected the sales in a positive way. The sales have increased since this change has been made.

It should impact the sales in the United States in a similar fashion. Customers will enjoy the availability of Apple products locally, and Apple fans will flock to Staples for the convenience of getting their products easily.

It has not been announced yet when these products will be available for purchase. It is not expected to be a long time, though, before Apple will be on the shelves at a Staples near you.
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