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Obama Postpones Visit to Cleveland

Iowa City Owl World News
President Barack Obama will not be visiting Cleveland, Ohio on Monday as originally scheduled in light of some plan changes that he recently made. Instead, he will be traveling to Louisiana according to His trip to Cleveland will be postponed so he can tour the damage done to Louisiana from Hurricane Isaac.

President Obama will be visiting Louisiana on Monday instead of going to Cleveland according to an announcement given by the White House on Friday. He will stay in Louisiana and tour the damage to the city from Hurricane Isaac until Friday.

The president announced the schedule change on Friday after Mitt Romney announced that he would be doing the same. He will be touring with Governer Bobby Jindal throughout the week until he returns to his campaign efforts at the end of the week.

This announcement came as a bit of a surprise to some Iowa residents because he ignored the request to tour flood damage in Sioux City, Iowa, last summer when the Missouri River flooded.

It is speculated that he will only be visiting the flood damage Louisiana this year because he is in desperate need of votes against Mitt Romney. Some people in Iowa are upset at the decision in light of his decision last year.

The president will be visiting Cleveland on Friday when he is done touring the damage to resume his campaign in Iowa. He will be speaking at Morningside College at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon as part of his campaign.

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