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Misfortune and Occult delight the Landlocked Film FestivalSep 1, 1pm

The 5th annual Landlocked Film Festival took place last weekend in Iowa City at several locations downtown.

What's up in Iowa City this week.Aug 31, 10am

Iowa City has a lot of interesting and unique events happening every week, so here are a few cool Iowa City events you might want to check out this week.

Tea Party Express Rolls Through IowaAug 31, 12pm

Conservatives around Iowa are awaiting the arrival of the Tea Party Express, which is scheduled to make stops in Sioux City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport, Iowa during the group’s national bus tour on August 31, and September 1.

Can Google TV Survive?Aug 30, 2pm

Since October 2011, Google TV has been available in the United States.

Tibetan Monk Immolates Himself in Public ProtestAug 26, 4pm

On Monday August 15th, a Tibetan Buddhist monk immolated himself in protest of the Chinese policies related to Tibet, coinciding with the Chinese communist party's latest political moves.

Iowa City Events This WeekAug 26, 4pm

With Afroman having performed at the Blue Moose last night, and Kenan Thompson live in the IMU tonight, there's a lot of local stuff happening in Iowa City.

Libyan Conflict Still Remains Up in SmokeAug 25, 1am

The war in Libya might finally be drawing to a close.

Friday Honored For Muslims WorldwideAug 25, 1am

This upcoming Friday marks a holy day for over a billion people across the globe, as Friday marks the anniversary of the night Muslims believe the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

How will the 21 ordinance change Iowa 2011-2012?Aug 23, 12am

With University of Iowa classes in full swing, Iowa City area businesses, bars & restaurants will be busy with the rush of new students and their families.

Web Surfing At Work Good For Your HealthAug 22, 12pm

According to a story reported by the Wall Street Journal, web surfing at work improves performance.
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