Iowa to Get Transportation Funds

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Officials for the federal government announced yesterday that they are giving Iowa $2.3 million in funding for transportation projects.

Iowa is not alone in this award. The United States government is giving many states federal funding for transportation projects.

The United States Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that the nation has more than $473 million in funding that is dedicated for transportation projects that has not been used as of yet. He stated that the goal is to get all of the money out to the states.

According to LaHood, the money given to the states for the projects will create many jobs all across the country.

The US Department of Transportation has elected to give each state governor discretion over what projects they will create to use that money given to them. There are few restrictions on this, according to LaHood. The only requirement is that the money is obligated to projects by the states by the end of the year.

According to LaHood, the process is very simple so that people can get right to work without much delay. The federal government will be okaying projects as soon as they are notified that they are ready to go.

Each state will be getting a certain amount of money to be obligated to various transportation projects, depending on the needs of each state. Some states have already obligated their money to certain projects.

Individuals who want to track where the money is going, a complete list can be found at htt://

The 2.3 million is just a small increase over the total federal budget given to Iowa in a year for transportation funding. In 2011, Iowa received $480.7 million for highway projects, $52.3 million for transit projects, and $41.2 million for airport improvement according to the Iowa DOT.
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