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Hip Hop and Metaphysics: One Man with Two PassionsApr 1, 3pm

If you walk through the pedestrian mall of Iowa City regularly, then you've undoubtedly seen Tyrell Spitt with headphones on, rapping to himself and for everybody. His energy and determination are incredible, and once you meet him, you'll realize there is also a deep intelligence and love for expression behind his lyrical flow.

The Tool Box is Building CommunityMar 30, 8pm

For a while, the only news I had heard about The Tool Box, a sex-positive shop located above Jimmy John's on 128 1/2 E. Washington, was that many landlords and property owners didn't want it in their building.

Defining the Priestess, the UndefinableMar 29, 4pm

 Sometimes in my life there are questions that I need answered that a scholar cannot give, guidance which a psychiatrist cannot help me with, or healing which a doctor cannot prescribe. There are ailments or troubles which run deeper than the physical body, and lessons to be taught of which academia and science still find a mystery.

Two Iowa City Artists Say: Moon Or Bust!Mar 28, 12pm

Tomorrow night, another "moon landing" will be attempted. However, this historic event won't be coordinated by NASA nor even Virgin Airlines, but by two intrepid artists and performers from Iowa City. Their landing will be televised live on PATV 18.

Following the Path of ComicsMar 27, 11am

"I want to expand the art of comics in my life and in the lives around me, and being involved with the communities of comics will help me achieve that goal.

'Sick Tricks' at P.S.1 TonightMar 26, 1pm

A new show is opening at the Public Space One gallery this evening, featuring the paintings and drawings of Ben Crouse and Jacob Sluka. According to a video posted this morning, there will be over 75 hung pieces of art, plus an additional 30-60 sketches on their 'sketchbook wall' introduced as they prance about the gallery.

Invasion of the P.O.D., People!Mar 25, 8pm

With the onset of the Mission Creek Music Festival in Iowa City, showcasing performances by over fifty bands from March 27th through April 1st, many are already compiling itineraries of where to go and who to listen to.

Cherry Blossom Festivals in JapanMar 23, 8pm

With the National Cherry Blossom Festival coming up this March 27th in the US, some people have yet to note the cultural significance of the festival in Japan.Hanami, or a cherry blossom festival, is an important and long-standing custom in Japan, held across the country every spring.

58 Programs Dropped From UNIMar 22, 12am

Late yesterday afternoon the Iowa state Board of Regents voted unanimously to approve ceasing 58 majors, minors, and graduate programs at the University of Northern Iowa.A few last-minute changes to the list were announced this morning, including suspending, rather than cutting, two programs offering geography and theater education minors.

UI Field House Entrance To Be Demolished For HospitalMar 21, 7pm

Earlier today at the State of Iowa's Board of Regents meeting held at the Iowa Memorial Union, the Board of Regents approved demolishing the current University of Iowa Field House entrance to make room for a new UIHC project.
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