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COMICS REVIEW: Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle MysteryApr 18, 12pm

With the recent release of the hardcover collection of Grant Morrison's all-but-forgotten 'Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery' four-issue miniseries, I felt it imperative to discuss this comic at length so that those new to Morrison's work (or to comics in general) would come to regard 'Flex Mentallo' as a classic of modern sequential art.

C2E2 ReviewApr 16, 6pm

The third-annual Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo took place this past weekend at the McCormick Place North Building in Chicago, bringing over 30,000 comics fans to buy from nearly a hundred exhibitors and meet special industry guests including sci-fi TV stars and dozens of comic book artists and writers.

Study Shows Drinking Helps CreativityApr 14, 11am

Let it be known that I drink daily. I love alcohol, from wines and beers, to liquors and liqueurs, and tote myself as a bit of a connoisseur, seeking out the best libations.

Dick Tracy, Eat Your Heart Out Apr 12, 12pm

A little while back, a friend of mine was commenting on how smart-phones, tablets, and other such devices were curiously all designed to be held or to fit into pockets, lamenting the fact that  Dick Tracy's famous wristwatch communicator had never been developed.

This Space For RentApr 11, 12pm

It's been forty years since the last moon-landing made by NASA, and while the governmental space program has no direct plans of their own to get back to our orbiting celestial body, companies such as Space Adventures and Google have reignited the race in the commercial realm.

Wine Culture For AllApr 9, 4pm

Say you're nervous before your first date, quickly walking through the Ped Mall and passing by the Bread Garden, when you decide that it would be best to get a bottle of wine to ease that first awkward conversation.

Don't Make a Peep, Make BillionsApr 8, 12pm

Today, hundreds of millions of people the world over are celebrating Easter, a celebration of the ascension of Jesus Christ, savior, fulfilling prophecy and saving us from our sins so that we may one day join him in the kingdom of heaven.

A New Look into Augmented RealityApr 5, 4pm

Earlier this week, Google released a video of their newest innovation currently dubbed the "Google Glasses".

Look Out for Flying Cars!Apr 4, 12pm

Since the invention of the automobile, humanity's thoughts immediately jumped to, "Now, how do we make this sucker fly.

Doug Chaney, The Third Eye of the PublicApr 6, 10am

It would seem as if this story came from a Talking Heads song: Doug Chaney, 65, out of boredom that retirement had offered him, began volunteering at Iowa City's Public Access station, PATV, because it gave him something to do.
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