Winter Break Tips

Iowa City News
This winter break is a period of dead time for most students, and while they are likely continuing working in part-time jobs there is significantly more free time open throughout the break than students are accustomed to. Here are some top things to do during break:
  • Relax - And we don't mean party. Sometimes you need to take a moment to let your mind rest and recuperate so that you aren't burnt out next semester.
  • Study - Yes it's tough, but you might have the time. The easiest thing to do is to figure out what books you'll need for you classes and read the first three chapters of each. You'll be amazed how much you can learn, and how much more free time you'll have at the beginning of the semester.
  • Stay In Touch with all the friends and people you might not see for a while. Make sure to keep your friendships close during this break, especially if you live in the residence halls and might be away from your room and neighbors for a while.
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