Late Night At Iowa

Iowa City News
The University of Iowa is seeking to give students more alternatives to drinking on Friday and Saturday nights with it's Late Night At Iowa Program, which has a total of $50,000 to give away to alcohol-free late night events.

Late Night, a partnership between the office of the Provost and the office of the Vice President of Student Services, offers student organizations a piece of a $50,000 pie to be used to organize events to be held after 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. The goal is to reduce drinking at the University and encourage students to attend alcohol-free events.

Late Night at Iowa is one of many ways the University is trying to encourage students to try alternatives to drinking on their weekends. They've held late night events at the Field House, and the east side residence halls have a program called "Every Frickin' Friday" that encourages each residence hall to have late-night programs every Friday night.
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