Tips for Icy Sidewalks

Iowa City News
Even clean looking city sidewalks may be icy and slippery, walking with caution is an important way to protect yourself from injury.

Iowa City is a highly pedestrian city - people walk nearly everywhere, though it's probably not as accentuated when 20,000 students are away during the winter break. When you're travelling along on some of Iowa City's sidewalks, however, be careful treading on what looks like a perfectly clear sidewalk: if you don't see sand and salt, ice is likely.

Ice will create a mildly reflective, damp looking surface on most cement and sidewalks - sidewalks that look the clearest, like they might have just been rained on, are the most dangerous. Take care, though, even when walking on sandy and salty sidewalks. Consider walking in the snow next to the sidewalk, particularly if the snow is uneven. Even snow may be a sign that it is covered by an even more slippery layer of ice than the sideway. If your sidewalk has footprints or snow tracks, try walking in those for extra traction. Always walk slowly and carefully!

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