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Surchage Necessary, Shut UpDec 13, 3am

Students at the University of Iowa will be paying an extra $100 surcharge for the spring semester, that is supposed to be a small part of plugging the gap in the budget created when the governor chose to cut the budget mid-year.

No Bus To Regina Catholic Education CenterDec 13, 2am

After intense discussion where over 60 parents attended a school board meeting, the school board voted to cut busing to Regina Catholic Education Center out of the Iowa City School District budget, with talks of saving $260,000 annually.

UISG Should Focus On TransparencyMay 1, 6pm

Now that the new UISG leaders have been elected, and the lives of students are no longer filled with campaigning, things are settling down at Iowa. This may all be good, but what we must be sure to do is not forget the ideas of this campaign.

No Shakeup In Final DebateOct 15, 9pm

The final debate of the 2008 presidential election has ended, and Joe the Plumber has had his 15 minutes of fame. Other than that, and a brief discussion on Bill Ayers, nothing exciting happened at the final debate of this presidential season.

Prediction: Unremarkable DebateOct 15, 6pm

Tonight, Senator Barack Obama will face off in the final debate against his Republican opponent, John McCain, going into the debate with a double digit lead and over 270 electoral college votes in nearly every poll presented.

If They Want To Party, They'll PartySep 5, 1pm

If people want to party, and if they want to drink, they'll do it. No alternative, aside from an amazing event is going to stop them. Holding an 'amazing event', or perhaps just an expensive event, is behind the logic of UI Student President Bleam, who wants to spend $70,000 to promote tailgating without alcohol.

Google Chrome Crashes In Under 60 SecondsSep 4, 12pm

Google recently released something of a surprise new open-source browser, designed to my javascript run faster, load webpages better, and beyond. This new browser, called Google Chrome, claims seperate processes for each tab, making browsing easier for anyone by keeping broken scripts in one tab seperate from everything else.

Philips Virtual Surround Sound In-Ear Headphones ReviewJun 26, 10am

With the three feet long cord and stay-in design, the Philips Virtual Surround Sound In-Ear Headphones (SHE5920) are practical for a wide variety of applications. They offer a good range of sound depth, and have the potential to reach dangerously loud sound levels.

A Heartwarming Tail - Prince CaspianMay 18, 10am

Several hundred years, or just one year in our time, have passed since the great Kings and Queens freed Narnia from the Tyranny of the white witch. After the Kings and Queens of old left Narnia, chaos soon ensued.
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