Battle Of The Editors | InMuscatine vs. Lee EnterprisesMay 26, 3pm

It's seems a friendly exchange has broken out between, and the parent company of the Muscatine Journal after Buster published a story entitled Lee Enterprises Surpressing Bad News. According to Buster's online post "There was no mention of the nearly one billion dollar write-down of Lee Enterprises, and today there is no mention of the firing of D&T" [in the QC Times].

Sail Your Ship To Long John Silver'sMay 3, 3pm

Long John Silvers must not be getting enough business. Each week on Tuesday I can reliably expect to find a whole new set of LJS coupons in my mailbox. Feeling hungry for chicken, I set sail towards Long John's in Muscatine at 7:30 Saturday evening.

Happy Joe's Makes Happy People in MuscatineApr 27, 10am

The first thing people think on the weekends is usually pizza. A good place for pizza in Muscatine is Happy Joe’s in the south end of town. It has everything a person could want from a nice environment, good food, good prices, and good employees.

If I Only Had The BudgetApr 17, 2pm

Sometimes while I'm working on the Muscazine's backend system, I think about all the fun things I could do with a larger budget. Perhaps deploy experienced reporters to exciting area events to provide firsthand reports.

Pearl Plaza and Ann's Arts Websites Look NiceApr 9, 6am

Recently Muscatine's Pearl Plaza and Ann's Arts websites were officially launched. The websites each feature an original background with some unique design elements. I can't say too much, however, considering I was the chief archetect for each website.

HNI CEO Makes Too Much MoneyMar 20, 3am

We recently learned that the CEO for HNI Muscatine earned a little under $3 million dollars in 2007. Let's clarify - that's nearly $3,000,000. Enough to buy 157 hybrid Honda Civics. Or 50 modest houses.

Don't Take Time Out for the Time Out ArcadeMar 7, 7am

Finally having an arcade in town again is a relief for young people who need something to do, right. Couldn't be further from the truth.

Ruby On RailsFeb 18, 6pm

While testing out our new software, I decided it would be appropriate to write an opinion piece. Consider the new software I have been heavily integrating with this website, I have aptly decided to make this news opinion column about that particular software.

O-Mentum Unstoppable - If Hillary Doesn't Rock Soon, She's OutFeb 18, 5am

Obama-mania is sweeping the nation as Barack Obama has just won the last eight democratic contests in a row. A lot of people suggest that Barack is on a steam train straight to the democratic nomination.
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