Happy Joe's Makes Happy People in Muscatine

The first thing people think on the weekends is usually pizza. A good place for pizza in Muscatine is Happy Joe’s in the south end of town. It has everything a person could want from a nice environment, good food, good prices, and good employees.

Yes, it is in the south end of town, meaning the unappetizing smell of GPC can have an effect on ones tastes. That smell, though, stays outside of the building. Once you step in, all you can smell is pizza cooking in the ovens. Located down the street from Plamor Lanes, and not far from other restaurants in the south end of Muscatine, this small building has a lot to offer with two arcade machines for the person that wants a little gaming before eating and walls decorated with old board games and pictures for those that want to reminisce on the past. For those that have kids, they might consider going to the north end Happy Joe’s next to the Moose since it has the games to keep them busy. If you are not a fan of games, then they do have something for a fan of Pez dispensers. They have a place for those above the window. The buffet is set up just right so people can grab what they want and be back in their seat in no time. Considering pizza sometimes takes time, you can enjoy two televisions set up on each end of the seating area. One has sports and the other usually has a news station. If you don’t want to go inside to eat, they also feature a drive through in the back side of the building. Now let’s get those mouths watering.

The food is good. Perhaps not good for the person watching their diet, but it tastes good and is good for the friendly parties and anyone that just wants a tasty pizza. They serve pizza on a crispy crust, with a good sauce always serving in the perfect proportion. The cheese occasionally makes people drool when they see it: right out of the oven, the cheese tastes good and it’s always a great sight to see it stretch when you pick up a slice to eat it. Not a fan of pizza? No problem. They also serve salad and spaghetti. Let’s not forget the drinks! Most places in Muscatine are turning to Coke products, and Pepsi lovers are finding it hard to find good food alongside Pepsi in a restaurant. Pepsi lovers can find refuge at Happy Joe’s - Pepsi products, including Mt Dew, are the drinks of choice. If your not one for pop, then they do have milk, water, juice, and beer. If you do love pizza, but wish to move beyond the basics, then they have an assortment of other pizzas. They take “wacky” ideas and make them taste great! Ever had pineapple on a pizza? Sounds funky, but maybe you should try their Hawaiian pizza. You want both Italian and pizza? No problem! They have spaghetti pizza just for those people. Its morning and you haven’t eaten breakfast? Go to Happy Joe’s. It may seem like an odd suggestion, but they will take some eggs, add cheese, add your favorite pizza toppings, and put it all on their crispy crust. You want Mexican and pizza? They have that too! It’s actually a specialty for Happy Joe’s and the pizza put them on the map! It is Happy Joe’s famous Taco Pizza! You want a little of everything? Muscatine's South End Happy Joes also offers a lunch buffet set up from 10:30 until 1:30, offering everything you could want and more. Salad, pizza, cheese sticks, cinnamon sticks, garlic toast, buffalo wings, and even ice cream! All for a nice price of $5.99 plus tax.

Speaking of price, the franchise, like any business, understands the rising prices in the economy. They understand that more people are hurting because of the economy, but considering prices are set by the company they can’t change the price of their products. So, people would probably choose another pizza establishment based on the set price. Have no fear. Muscatine Happy Joe's also offers a lot of discount opportunities. For the kids in school, Happy Joe’s works alongside the school district and offers deals to students that get good reading scores. They used to support the local high school because the Muskie Boosters used to sell Happy Joe’s pizza at the snack bar at sporting events. If you are not in school, or if you just want something outside of school, they do have a club people can sign up for that sends deals to members via email. If you don’t have email or a computer, they do have coupons they put in the newspaper. All of this is thanks to the team that operates the business.

The team of employees is wonderful, celebrating birthdays and making customers feel like a part of the family. They answer the phone when the customer calls in an order, and typically do so in a courteous manner. They make a fine pizza with adding the right amount of ingredients and cooking the food at the right temperature to make that cheese gooey and make the crust crunchy. They even go so far as to deliver to those people that live in the suburbs off of the highway in the dead of winter. They go the distance to make the customer happy.

A happy customer is a customer that will return to the business, and Happy Joe's makes happy customers. But Happy Joe’s doesn’t simply make the customer feel happy. They give the customer good service and good food. With that said, Happy Joe’s has and will continue making it's Muscatine customers happy.
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Happy Joes = Crazy Expensive