Don't Take Time Out for the Time Out Arcade

Finally having an arcade in town again is a relief for young people who need something to do, right? Couldn't be further from the truth. The Time Out arcade, stuck in a small space where the DARE office used to be, offers little entertainment and no worthy atmosphere for young people who need something to do - it's designed solely to eat a few dollars and offer no substance or even any flair.

This is the same reason for the failures of arcades past. There's no one attending the place, no worthy prizes (none, in this case, minus the claw rip off machine). The place is dank and there is graffitti on the token machines, both of which happen to be broken at the moment.

I started a videogame center a couple of years ago in the basement of the Pearl Plaza. My problem was that I had no money to buy any cool arcade machines, but I was still able to create the perfect gaming atmosphere. A dark, underground place, but still friendly and comfortable. I had some computers (lacking enough games), an XBox with a projector, and yet I was still able to create an okay place out of absolutely no money.

The Time Out in our mall is another story, though. It may be dark, a perfect setting for arcade games, but there is no supervision or friendly staff members, making for a cold, unfeeling atmosphere. The cieling, or lack of, it not but some metal sheeting. The only good game, a knock-off version of DDR (not even a cool version such as StepMania), was "out of order". My conclusion is the entire place is "out of order".
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